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Bob is also currently working on his own band project and is busy writing new songs to perform.
Plans are that the Bob Ferguson Band will be touring early in 2010.The songs on Bobs new album "Do the roses grow in november" will form part of the set for the band.
Also included in the performances will be songs by other artists that have not been performed by any of Bob's other bands.

My own solo band project
is really just about me singing all the songs ithat I like in a big band set up. In most bands you have to take every member of the bands taste and opinions into account.
Most of the time this works well as you get so many different ideas that one person may not get.
Sometimes though you dont get to sing a song that you like because maybe the rest of the band dont like it or whatever. Thers nothing wrong with that.
However all lead vocalists have the urge and desire also to perform concerts where all the songs are their own choice and the style and everything is their own choice also. Its the only way to get the maximim buzz out of singing and performing.
Thats why when I bring out my own band it will be so much fun but it also means I have to hire the backing musicians and guarantee their wages no matter how much money we take in.So there is a risk as well.
It also means I will have a hard job juggling all the different bands but it can be done.

Some of the songs that are planned for my own band are Blow the winds of freedom, The Jackal, Feel so near, Crooked Jack,

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