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Rough demo clips of Bob's new songs

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Rough demo clips of Bob's new songs
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On this page you will be able to listen to song clips in rough demo's of new songs I am working on.Most of the clips are just basic microphone in front of voice and guitar just to let you listen to song cips to get an idea.
One by one they will be replaced by studio recorded pre cd demo songs to listen to.
And then a link will be added to a demo of the finished Song recording that will appear on the cd.
All final recordings will have song lyrics on the page.
Also planned in the future is midi file instrumental versions of all songs. You will be able to download them free to your computer and change the key to suit your voice or instrument.

Here you will find a brief description of each song.Gradually audio clips will be added below each description.

is a fishing song with heavy rythym to it. In this, one of my favourite new songs this one takes the viewpoint of the fisherman leaving home in the early dark morning. He meets other crewmen on the harbour and can still see the light of his home as they leave the harbour.
The fishing life has always been a dangerous one and in the final verses he realises the storm they are sailing in is too powerful and they will never return home.

is another sort of romantic song about a man who gets to date a very beautiful woman. As they walk around the city at night on a warm evening he wishes this would last forever and there would be more to come.
Sadly life gets in the road and it never happens and he is left feeling sad at never seeing her again.Hence the leaves they forever fall.

Remember soon studio recordings of these songs will replace the rough demo clips for you to listen to.

 I love this cute wee song. I wrote it in a waltz time and it really is like an old song written for accordion and singer for folk to do a good old waltz to.
Story is about young scotsman leaving home each morning and waving cheerio to his woman  who always stays at the door waving till he is completely out of site.She is always wrapped in a tartan plaidie. A very happy romantic song feel to it.

This again I wrote in a waltz time and it has a similar feel to it as She wears a Plaidie. Portree is the main town on the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. The song tells the story of a young man walking along the road on a holiday visit to Portree.
He comes by a beautiful dark haired Portree girl sitting by the shore. The girl invites him to sit awhile and when he does so it is too late to escape her charms. He falls in love with her and never leaves. In the song he warns those young men woth a roving heart to beware the lassies of Portree.

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