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Welcome to my Cd page
On this page will be all my future solo project cds.
At the moment three Cds are in the pre production stage.
CD No1
will be a Folk ballad Cd including many of my favourite  classy folk songs as well as 3 of my own songs. The title of this CD will be " A THOUSAND MILES FROM HOME" one of my own songs that I recorded with Beggars Row and sung as my own arrangement. Other tracks that will be on the Cd include "Waltzing Matilda, Reconcilliation, The Snows of France and Holland, Caledonia, Broken Wings, Rare auld times, Molly Malone, Eriskay love lilt,I'll lay ye doon love, Carrickfergus and a couple more to be decided yet.
CD no2
will be mostly contemporary folk songs by other artists with quality songs that I love and some of my own Contemporary songs also. The name of this CD will be "DON'T YOU REMEMBER WE SANG SONGS" named after my own song and the title track of the Album. Other tracks to be included are "Not a matter of Pride, Rescue me, Abbo Kintay(Different arrangement from one recorded with Beggars Row), More of my own songs including "Lovely lady will you dance" and other songs that are being tested right now.
CD No 3
will be all my own songs and a mix of tradiional style and contemporary.The name of this CD will be "Do the roses grow in November" which is the title track.
Some of the titles of my own songs on this CD are O' where are you my love, oollee allee ay, The lady and the gentleman, Heavin haul away, I saw the fairies dancing, Taken by the gold, Bonnie lass, I will not go,Cauld the winters day, I saw 10,000 highland men,I found love today,laddie o laddie o.., Proud young Jacobite, I will love you ever more,Sail away.

Now thats where the plans should end normally but I dont work like that. I like to work with lots of different options so that each day there is always something that really has my juices fired up.
It takes a bit longer for each project to get finished but I never get bogged down and lose interest or motivation.
So that means there is more to come hopefully and there is. For each of the cds above there are about ten tracks for each cd that will not make it on to the cd.
Not because they are not good enough but because its all a matter of balance and style and not all songs will fit in with the style on the cd.
The best of these songs will be placed on MP3 format to be bought individually. and cheaply.
Also there are some songs I have written that are a little off the wall and these will be added to the website for individual MP3 download also..

Think I am finished. I'm afraid not so go to the News page to find out why.

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