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Free Mp3 Download of Scottish Traditional Songs performed by Bob Ferguson

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Free Mp3 Download of Scottish Traditional Songs performed by Bob Ferguson
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Free mp3 download of traditional Scottish Folk songs

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Hi everyone, just thought I would write about my Scottish folk song promotion campaign. Over the years it has been very obvious that Irish music was better known worldwide than Scottish music. There are some songs that are well known.Mainly though, most of the Scottish folk songs are not so well known.

I think that there are lots of Scottish folk songs that are as good as Irish folk songs. Over the next 12 months I intend to record these traditional songs in busking style and make them available for free download to anyone who joins my mailing list. The initial target is to have 50 Scottish traditional folk songs available for free download within 4 months.

This may seem a large amount in so short a time. However I have already tested out how to record these songs busking style in a short time and know how to mix them quickly now for upload to web.

Thirty two songs already on there including A MANS A MAN FOR A THAT and COMING THRO THE RYE with a small part of MHARIE'S WEDDING INCLUDED  in there.

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Eventually I intend to have a Traditional Scottish folk mp3 track for every song on that website for free download. This will be available to everyone on my mailing list. This could eventually mean that at least 250 Scottish folk songs could be in your music collection free.
This would suit anyone who just wants to listen to Scottish folk songs.
It will also be a very useful method for other musicians to discover Scottish folk  songs that they can add to their repertoire.

As the recordings are done in busking style, that means there is no more than one voice, a guitar and a harmonica in recordings. This makes it very easy to learn the songs by ear. Some songs will be just voice and Bohdran, There may be a few that's just accapella.
In time I will try and put all the chords on the website with the lyrics also.
My main aim is to try and get Scottish folk music out there and more well known.
There are so many beautiful Scottish folk songs that many folk lovers will not have heard.There are also many Scottish folk songs that are mistaken as Irish folk songs. I have sang many Irish and Scottish folk songs over the years and the number of times someone has asked me to sing an Irish song request for them and it has turned out to be Scottish is amazing.
It is not surprising though. The Scottish and Irish have lived with each other, drank with each other, sang with each other and married each other for hundreds of years.
Irish songs have become regular songs in Scotland and Scottish songs have become regular in Ireland.
It appears that there are more Irish folk songs than Scottish. That may be true as after the battle of Culloden in 1745 much of the Scottish music culture was suppressed by the British government. How much Scottish music was lost then will never be known.
Those days are gone and new Scottish folk songs appear all the time. Although I will only be recording Traditional Scottish folk songs for free mp3 download. 

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The confusion between Scottish and Irish songs may be highlighted by examples of two of the more recent Scottish folk songs.
Namely Willie McBride (or Greenfields of France or No mans land) as its also known. Many people think this is an Irish song including many Irish. However the song was written by that famous Scottish songwriter Eric Bogle. Willie McBride was also Scottish. He lived near Auchtermuchty in the county of Fife. This on the east coast of Scotland.
Another song is Dirty Old town sung by the Pogues and thought by thousands as an Irish song. However the author of this song was none other than Ewan McColl.

I could list many more but that's not what this blog is about.I am offering free Mp3 downloads of Scottish folk Songs to everyone who joins my free mp3 download mailing list.

I will upload mp3's and mail everyone as they are uploaded. That way you can download if you wish at anytime.You will also be able to have your email removed at anytime by simply emailing a request to do so.

To join my mailing list and be able to get the free mp3 downloads go to my mailing list form on the Scottish song lyrics website form at 
Thanks and hope you enjoy the songs.

Bob Ferguson

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Free mp3 download of Scottish traditional songs performed by Bob Ferguson

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Bob Ferguson webmaster of this site, performs with Beggars Row, Celtic Horizon, Celtic Hearts and Celtic Crazy Clan. He also performs in his own solo acts Bob Shortcut, Mister Sunshine, The Parody Man and his own Bob Ferguson Band coming in 2012.