It is hard to imagine being in this situatation ourselves with our own children but trying to do so onll strengthens the resolve inside for peace and no more wars.

In Scotlands troubled past often wodows and their children would be thrown out of their crofts in the harshest extremes of winter.They would then have to stand and watch helpless as their house was burned by the English Redcoat soldiers.
In this song such a terrible thing happens to a young mother during heavy snowstorms.
Freezing and dying in the wilds of Scotland at night she finds a spot at the side of the road wher she takes her warm clothing off and wraps it around her young children.
She then uses her dying body to shelter her children in the hope that in the morning light someone will find them still alive and take care of them.


who'll feed my babies,who'll keep them warm,
who'll love my babies,when I am dead and gone.

verse 1

Oh the wind blows o' so coldly,
the snow is falling on the ground,
the flames are burning all the houses,
and no shelter is found.

verse 2

I hold my babies, to me closely,
and pray for help to come to us,
the cold it bites now,oh so bitterly,
chills my babies and me.

verse 3

I see the soldiers they are leaving,
the factors work is cruelly done,
though my children they are freezing,
we are left all alone.

verse 4

I took my clothing to wrap around them,
to keep them till the morning sun,
with my last breath,I kiss my darlings,
and pray they find a new home