In the Celtic mind we often vision ourselves travelling over water to and from the places and the people we want to see.
Maybe this vision remains in our Celtic descendants no matter where we live in this world.


I wrote this song after talking to many tourists visiting Scotland from abroad.

Many came from America and Australia and had Scottish roots in their ancestry.
It has never failed to amaze me how patriotic they feel about a country they were never born in or lived in.
Many also stated they would love to come back home to live in Scotland if freedom was gained peacefully and Scotland was independant again.
I often wonder what instills this patriotism in someone whose ancestors left Scotland up to 230 years ago.
What is it that seems to carry the Celtic spirit through
When one day an American stated he would "Walk over water" to come back to a free Scotland the words hung with and never left.

verse 1

We are sailing on water,on every ocean wave,
far from our homeland,far far away,
on now to exile, any land that welcomes us,
someday we'll return again,to fly the flag of freedom.


We will walk over water,walk over water,
we wil walk over water,to fly the flag of freedom,
We will walk over water,walk over water,
we will walk over water,to fly the flag of freedom.

verse 2

We are flying to the sunset,through amber crimson skies,
on a magic white carpet,with tears in our eyes,
staring out of the window,the sky just looks like home,
it is so hard to forget,when the heart it is so strong.

verse 3

Over land,air and water,we travel many miles,
with thousands of new friends,to help us through the nights,
bravely we awaken,another land another dawn,
we long so much for freedom,so we can all come home.

words and music Bob Ferguson 2000