Look at the photo below and imagine yourself looking out to sea and calling from within yourself to the one you long for.
You may be confused when you can feel them answer.Is it your imagination or is their spirit coming to you in the wind. 

Love ballad with a bit of tempo about the ability for Celtic lovers to somehow be able to hear each others voices when they are long distances away from each other.Almost as if the voices are being carried to each other in the wind.

verse 1

The wind is calling out your name,
I hear your trembling whispers,
every time you call on me,
you know my heart will answer,


Call on me-call on me
call on me-I love you,
call on me-call on me,
call on me-I love you

I love you.

verse 2

The rain just keeps on pouring down,
north winds blow so coldly,
the dark nights are drawing on,
I'm lonely without you.

verse 3

The wind is calling out my name,
can you hear my trembling whispers,
everytime I call on you,
I know your heart will answer. 

words and music Bob Ferguson,copyright 1999.