View of the sunset from the foot of the Tinto Hills

 This is a song about the hills I see every day from my window in the borders of Scotland.

verse 1

I am sitting here,looking out the window,
the fields are rich and green,all around the Tinto,
the farmers are working,hard in those fields,
harvest time is busy,all around the Tinto.


All around the Tinto,all around these hills,
when the day is over,sunset over Tinto.

verse 2

when the weathers fine,Tinto's at it's best,
the walkers they are out,all around the tinto,
some start in the east,some come from the west,
see them coming down,all around the Tinto.


verse 3

Sitting up on top,looking all about,
I see the river Clyde,all around the Tinto,
far to the south,far to the north,
a lovely country scene,all around the Tinto.


verse 4

Hear the sound of sheep,running o'er these hills,
the shepherds dog does creep,all around the tinto,
horses at the foot,foxes on the run,
where cattle gently feed,all around the Tinto.