Maybe if there was no money in the world and we were only one country-would there be no poverty,hardship and wars.

In Africa many rivers die through pollution,drought,lack of investment in irrigation and other factors.
When this happens whole communities and families who have lived together for generations have to move away because without water they cannot live.
Sometimes these families and friends may never see each other again.
This song is a protest against governments and the rich countries for allowing this to happen. Kintay written by Bob ferguson.mp3|Abbo Kintay written by Bob ferguson


Abbo Abbo Abbo--oa,Abbo Kintay.
Abbo Abbo Abbo-oa,
Abbo kintay.

Verse 1

Tell me now where are the houses,
And the folks we used to know,
Tell me now where are the cattle,
And the crops they used to grow.
All the small boats they have gone now,
They used to lie along it's banks,
Tell me now where are the fishes,
Now that river is dead and gone.

Abbo abbo abbo-Abbo Kintay,
Abbo Abbo Abbo Kintee-ay-ay,
Abbo Abbo Abbo -Abbo Kintay,
Abbo Abbo Abbo Kintee-ayyyy.

verse 2

Tell me now where are the rivers,
Where the waters used to flow,
Tell me now where are the people,
Who in the sunshine used to glow.
All the children they have gone now,
They used to play along it's banks,
Tell me now where are the fishes,
Now that river is dead and gone.

repeat chorus as required.

Abbo Kintay is a song written by myself about rivers in African countries that have either dried up through lack of investment or other reasons or been polluted until nothing can survive in the waters.

If there is nothing living in the waters then there can be no villages around the area as without water how can they survive.

This is a story repeated many times sometimes because of natural causes which no one can do anything about .On other occassions it is through the lack of governnment legislation that would prevent companies polluting waters often caused by corruption.

Many rivers die because there is no money invested in waterway systems except by world charities and the demand is too often overwhelming for the funds available.

What the money people and those in power do not seem to realise or care about is that a whole way of life can be destroyed by the death of a river.Children parents and grandparents forced to leave an area where they lived all their lives and losing the friends and community spirit and friendship built up over the years.

It may also be the fact that these countries owe to much debt to the wealthier nations and I ask then what is more important lives or a piece of paper with a monetary value.
I ask this every day to myself and when I sing this song with either "Beggars Row", "Celtic Horizon Folk Band" or "Peaceful Doves"

I wish that everyone in the world would ask this question also.