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The New Apple iPod with Video Playback, You can't beat this
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Do you know about the new Apple iPod

The New Apple iPod with Video Playback, You can't beat this

Author: Gregory Nirshberg

Apple has done it again. Not even two months after they
revolutionized the mp3 player market with the iPod nano, and
changed the way we think about flash mp3 players, they've done
it again with the new iPod with video playback, the next
generation of Apple iPods.

This new mp3 player is THE must have player for this
holiday shopping season.

In With the New

With this player Apple has added a dual color option, so if
white just isn't for you, the iPod Video also comes in a sleek
black color. The new design is also super thin, coming in at a
full 50% thinner than the original iPod. And of course, to get
full function out of the picture viewing and video playing
capabilities, the iPod video comes with a new and improved 2.5
inch color screen, 0.5 inches larger than previous models. The
new LCD screen is also covered by a hard clear resin, instead of
the standard plastic cover. This will protect the screen from
scratches and provide a clearer picture view.

The Sizes

With 30GB and 60GB file capacities you can store your entire
music collection and have plenty of room to spare! Store all
your pictures, download TV shows straight from iTunes and watch
them on your commute. With this player you'll never be wishing
you "just had some more space for your files".

The iPod Gold Standard

Remember, this is an iPod first and foremost. So the picture is
superb. The sound is excellent, and has even been improved
slightly in this new generation. The navigation is easy and
intuitive with the amazing clickwheel. And the organization
control is unmatched. Plus you have all the regular extras like
calendar, organizer, games, alarm, a newly added lap timer,
photo slideshows, and more.

Support for Video Playback

Apple hasn't just added video capabilities to their player and
left it at that. They've incorporated new video downloading
services into their iTunes store. Download music videos straight
to your iPod, or even last weeks episodes of Lost or Desperate
Housewives. Hook the iPod up to your TV and play the video files
on a larger screen. The transfer quality is even pretty good.
Videophiles might want more, but for most of us the display will
be just fine. The player even boasts a much improved 20 hour
battery life for the 60GB version(15 hours for the 30GB).

Price and Accessories

Sure iPods are more expensive than other mp3 players. But the
new 30GB iPod can be purchased for the same price the old 20GB
iPod used to be sold for. And this player comes with video and
photo support! This is a huge step forward for Apple in making
the best mp3 players more accessible to most of us. The only
noticeable drawbacks of this player are the lack of some of the
usual accessories that come standard with iPods, including the
need to purchase an extra AV cable to hook the player up to your
television. But these drawbacks are minimal when compared to all
the great advancements of this player.


The days when mp3 players only played music files are a thing of
the past. The consumer has spoken, and we want our players to
not only PLAY music, but to STORE ALL our music. But this isn't
enough either. We want to store and listen to audio books. Store
and view our photo albums, and now we want to be able to watch
videos. Be it music videos, TV shows, or movies. We want it all,
and Apple has delivered. The new
Apple iPod video is a must have for anyone in the market
for a new mp3 player, and will make an excellent present this
holiday season. But if you're looking for something a little
smaller and cheaper, the
iPod nano may be a great alternative. Tiny and sleek, this
player is great for working out or smaller music collections,
for those who want the signature iPod quality.

About the author:
Gregory Nirshberg owns and operates Mp3 Player Buyer
Guide. A website dedicated to helping people find and choose
the best mp3 players. A comprehensive buying guide and resource
for mp3 player reviews. Also contains up to date clearance and
rebate deals.

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