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Press kit strategies for Singers and Musicians

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Singers and Musicians guide for making press kits.

Press Kit Strategies for Singers & Musicians

Author: Tiffani Smith

The main goal in creating a press kit is to generate interest in
an artist and the music they play. A press kit includes
background information, photos, samples of music, a listing of
past and future gigs you have scheduled, and any other pertinent

A press kit is used as a way of introducing and artist to
newspapers, the media, promoters, and music industry leaders.
You can create a press kit that is mailed to the appropriate
recipients and it is a good idea to have an electronic form of
your press kit that can be emailed and posted on web sites.

Things to include in your press kit:

Offer a limited a mount of information about yourself, your
band, and your style of music. Don't give the reader more
information than they want. If your introduction is too lengthy,
you will lose the interest of your intended audience.

Talk about your music, the way in which you perform your songs,
your sound, and who your influences are. You will want to give a
good idea of what you may sound like in these descriptions. Do
not be afraid to interject a little humor into your
descriptions. You will get someone's attention during the very
first minute they open your press kit. If you do not captivate
them immediately, they will lose interest.

Describe the things that make you special in comparison to
everyone else. What are your skills and experience level? Why
would a record promoter or executive gain by giving you a chance
to record and market your music? Record companies spend a great
deal of money in promoting new artists. You will want to make it
clear why you would be a good investment.

Include press clippings and quotes as they become available. A
remark made about you by a reputable person will go a long way
in making your press kit credible. This will let the reader know
that you have been recognized as a talent to be reckoned with
and could possibly create extra momentum for you while you are
trying to launch your career. Whether you are in need of a
singer, musician, or actor press kit, recognition from others is
a great tool in promoting yourself.

You really only need one page of your press kit to be devoted to
a biography and one page that includes quotes and press
clippings. This rule stands even in an online portfolio. By
keeping each topic on a simple page, you are much more likely to
hold the interest of the person who receives your press kit.
Make sure the tone of your band press kit is in line with who
you are as a person and the type of music you perform.

A sample of your music in the form of a high quality CD or clips
that can be heard in an electronic press kit are critical. Make
certain you label the CD with your name and contact information.
If someone loves your music but has misplaced the rest of your
press kit, you will want this information to readily available
to them.

Be careful not to overdo the self-promotion. You should be
positive and state your ambitions, but shameless self-promotion
will make you look unprofessional and less than credible. Also
avoid including too much personal information. No one cares
(yet) about your first pet, your grades in elementary school, or
your personal phobias. Keep the focus on your music and your
accomplishments. You want to be sure you do not look desperate
for work, even if you really are.

Include a personal cover letter to whomever you send your press
kit to, and try to avoid sending your musician press kit
unsolicited. It is always better to have a referral from a
friend or associate of the person you wish to see your material.

(c) 2005 Tiffani Smith -

About the author:
Tiffani Smith is the online editor for - the
hottest place on the web for entertainment & fashion career
advice. Get insider information from industry experts on how to
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