On this page I will include news and links to my Novel writing.  Including links to opening chapters you can read for each Novel. Also included will be links to some of my favourite authors and particular books of theirs that I like.

The most relevant Novel i am working on in relation to Scottish folk music, has a working title of AGAINST ROME. Many novels have been written by authors taking the Roman side of things in Britain when the Roman occupation was under way.

In my novel I intend to use the viewpoint of the tribes that lived in Scotland then. I intend to show how the mighty Roman Empire was defended and repelled by the Highland tribes. The one small nation that the Romans could not defeat.

Another of my working novels has the title SHIFT. It is located in Scotland in the present time. The main character lives in the  area  I have loved living in for the past 15 years. 

Scotland is not known for earthquakes except for very infrequent minor ones. rarely noticed by anyone. One day this all changes as a series of earthquakes throughout the day get stronger and stronger. The experts fear a major quake may be on the way. They are wrong, it is something more devastating and unimaginable, threatening the lives of the whole population and possibly mainland Europe.It could never happen the experts said. yet in history it has been proven to have happened before many times.An undeniable fact.