Bob working on second solo CD...pre-release date set for 1st May 2013

Bob has finished final mix of debut CD for his band Celtic Hearts

Bob is Planning his re-scheduled Parody Man tour of Scotland in April 2013...details soon.

BOB FERGUSON has just released his first solo CD, LOVELY LADY WILL YOU DANCE it will be available to buy on the internet soon.

Bob Ferguson is in the process of recording two more albums due for release by summer 2013

Coming in 2013 FOLKSONGS.EU free online folk magazine. In it he will include news of his own bands music and news and also other bands on the Folk Scene. Is that all? no there will be lots more topics.

To download free songs from my music player just click on BOB FERGUSON SONGWRITER at top of music player and follow instructions

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Caravan Hire Scotland Bob is keeping up with the family tradition of helping each other out by advertising the link to the Caravan his son owns and rents out below.So if you are coming over for a visit and need somewhere to stay that's great for the kids then click on the link below.