Bob was born not so long ago, in the mystic and Celtic lands of Scotland. A land famous for bagpipes, whisky and song. Where golf is thought to have first been played, when they were unable to find a larger ball for football.

From the historic past, where little Scotland achieved what no other nation had before, against the mighty Roman armies. They defied the Romans, they defied the Saxons, the Normans and the Vikings. Then they deified their oldest opponents England, even when the nobles sold the nation for gold to the English king. 

They defied and so, ensuring that in the 20Th century, against all the odds, the rain and cheaper imported brands of beer and whisky. Bob Ferguson was born, to annoy, tease and finally achieve his ultimate aim of never becoming famous for any good reasons.

To say that Bob has successfully achieved that aim is an understatement. Bob claims that feat as his finest achievement ever.

Bob has four solo acts

They are Bob Ferguson songwriter,The Parody Man, Bob Shortcut and Mister Sunshine

Bob is the lead singer in several Celtic folk music bands.     

They are Beggars Row, Celtic Horizon, Celtic Hearts, Celtic Crazy Clan