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songs used to be free
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Thursday, 4 December 2008
Songs Free
Mood:  bright
Topic: songs used to be free

A long time ago someone made up a song and then that person sang that song. Once it was learned, that person sang that song to any one who would listen. next time they sang it again and again and again. They kept on singing it along with all the other songs they sang and wrote.

Other people who liked to sing songs learned those songs also and sang some of their own. This happened for thousands of years and everyone was quite happy with it. Those who wrote and sang the songs could make a living as performers, wandering minstrels.

When they heard someone else sing a song they wrote they would feel proud.

So what happened? what changed? because way back then people loved to learn new songs from other singers and swap songs.

Nowadays we have web sites offering the same thing free music-free songs.

What does the law say? it's illegal they are breaking copyright!

Ok so the one to blame is the person who invented copyright. Now there's a question- who invented copyright for songs that were free once upon a time. Why do we need copyright? the big companies need it to make millions for themselves, same as other big businesses.

What about the performer and writer of the song. Well yes they need money too from the songs, but here's the thing-most singer songwriters never receive money for their songs. They record them, sing them, register them with copyright in their respective countries.

Do the rights companies have the time to distribute to all the small singer songwriters who are due their pittance at the end of the year-NO!! they dont have the time and its not economical.

So where does the the monies due to them go to then? to the big stars? to the xmas party? tax? sweeties for the directors kids?

Where's the X files when you need them to help eh!

But you know what that means? for the small guy its just the same as it was thousands of years ago, Songs free yep! aye thats right! for the small guy nothing has changed! but for the guys n gals who are famous and filthy rich-well they just get richer!

Ok but here's the thing. When the small guy sings or records a song by one of the big guns. He has to pay! and rights societies have the time to collect from the small guy to give to the really rich guy! aye that's the same small guy they don't have time to pay out his small fee to.

Anyone sensing something not quite right yet. How can they justify taking from the wee guy to give to the big guy and not do it the other way round?

Here's another one for you to think about. All those young bands out their bringing out albums, full of new songs that they have wrote with another non member of the group.

Ok some can write songs but do you really believe that someone who could not write a note of music in January, is writing an album of hits by the end of the year. Is it maybe the real talented songwriter is writing them and has to share the copyright with the pop star or they use some else. Hence no money unless you need the 50% of big bucks more than 100% of zero.

I'm one of the smaller guys who has recorded my own songs and paid the licence fee for each song. Still waiting for that cheque to come through the door for what I'm owed. Ah well I can always go busking and sing some of my own songs that people can listen to for free.

If you think I'm bitter I am not. I do like to stimulate other people's minds with questions though!

If you want to check out my websites then click on

My name is Bob by the way. have a nice day!!


Posted by scottishparodies at 11:05 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 4 December 2008 11:50 PM EST

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